Envisioning a Path to Community Economic Empowerment

What does it look like when there is a system that supports wealth and resource creation that can be kept and circulated within the local economy? What is the roadmap to an economically empowered future for our communities?

This panel will unpack existing and potential policies local and state governments can enact to foster an ethical and sustainable local economy. We'll dive into questions like "How can local government pair investors with social impact projects?" and "what fiscal policies favor local business growth?"

Policies for Ethical and Sustainable Local Economies

Small, medium, and massive B-Corporations across the globe have debunked the myth "to create community value, a company must be non-profit." Warby Parker, Impact Hub Oakland, Give Something Back and even Sufferfest Beer earn profit while having net positive social impact. This is not about philanthropy: B-corporations integrate the best interests of the community into the core of their business model. Come get inspired by the stories of companies who have succeeded in creating shared value; who do good while doing well. 

Identity Development: Should you be a non-profit or B-Corporation?

Civics and Business: Minimizing Economic Leakage

Let's discuss how our investing and spending activities have the power to either support local business and community development, or line the pockets of the very corporations weakening the national economy and increasing wealth inequality. How do we ensure that money we spend and invest stays in our neighborhoods? When it comes to policy, how do we adjust fines and taxes to unburden the community and empower ourselves?

The Bay Area is packed full of non-profits. To stay open and keep doing amazing work, a sustainable non-profit has to balance the books. Come learn the best strategies for keeping your doors open so you can keep delivering value to your community. 

Applying Effective Business Strategies in the Non-Profit sector

Sustainability isn't just ethical, it's profitable. In this session, sustainable business experts will share insider information on how greening your business can boost your image... and your bottom line.

Making Green off the Greenery

This outstanding panel will feature representatives from investment firms with a strong presence in our region, including: Kapor Foundation, East Bay Alliance, Cutting Edge Capital, Beneficial State Bank, and Pipeline Angels. This year's core theme is "Investing in Community Power," and these are the all-star investment firms when it comes to elevating the local economy. They'll share expertise, updates, and insider information on the keys to getting your business funded.

Non-Traditional Funding Models

This panel will explore the intersection of the growing green economy and social justice enterprise. Green projects, from organic farms to solar installation companies, to folks recycling jeans into new fabric, are a booming sector. How can we as activists and entrepreneurs turn our passion into a thriving business that makes us green while preserving and protecting the greenery?

No Justice, No Beets! Environmental Justice Business Models


What is my debit to income ratio? What does that even mean!? Personal financial empowerment starts with the financial literacy basics: understanding interest rates, budgets, debt, and their impact on your life. Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or on that 40-hour work week grind, this workshop applies to you!

Money Talks: Managing Personal Financial Goals

This hands-on workshop will hone the elevator pitch for you and your business. What is your Unique Value Proposition? What is most engaging about what you have to offer? We'll help you to answer these questions and prepare to share your vision moving forward. 

Pitch Perfect: How to Pitch Yourself and Your Idea

Your one-on-one advising meeting with a veteran business strategist is just one intake form away. Whether you are just starting out or planning for your next big expansion, these field experts are here and ready to give you a free consultation for the next steps! 

Speed Advising: 20-Minute Consultations for new businesses*

How do you level up your business and attract customers-- in addition to the ones who show support because they know and like you? In this workshop we will explore how to expand your consumer base beyond your personal network when growing a business, including various marketing tools and how to do and apply a stakeholder analysis. 

Upping Your Game: How to Expand Your Market Presence Beyond Your Ten Best Friends