Establishing Trust: Decision Clarity

Strengthening human capital begins with trust. Despite the presence of strategic plans and community engagement, cities and organizations are functioning less than efficiently because of a lack of trust and implicitly biased decision-making practices.

Many people lack clarity about who has decision-making power in their organization and as a result, responsibilities of decision-making are often confused, bottleneck occurs, and outcomes are often less successful.       

It’s not about making “better” decisions, it’s about determining who gets to make the decisions that need to be made, and the process used to get there.                                 

This is where Decision Clarity comes in. Decision Clarity is about compassionate but fierce engagement in these difficult conversations, confronting widely held misunderstandings of power and bias so that community leaders can move beyond conflict and arrive at clarity and trust.

The goal of this interactive, engaging and hands-on session is to explore, discuss and learn the basics of Decision Clarity, the benefit of which is growing effective decision-making leaders and fostering more transparent and innovative organizational communities.

Speakers: Diedra Barber, Chief Business Development Officer and Manager Partner, Scheier Group
                     Steve Scheier, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Scheier Group

About the speaker:

Diedra Barber

Diedra Barber

As an education equity, compassion, and empathy enthusiast, Diedra appreciates the hard but imperative conversations necessary to empower, engage and explore next-level thinking for true systemic change. For the past 15 years, she has worked in both non-profit and for-profit education equity enterprises, discovering that the incorporation of compassion, authenticity, transparency and high expectations in the management of people allows for goals and outcomes to be surpassed and executed with more efficiency, innovation and a deeper, more positive impact.
As a Black-Puerto Rican, Gay, GenX woman born to East Coast, blue-collar parents, Diedra has a keen self-interest in social justice work that produces systemic change locally and globally. She is a proud nerd and science-fiction lover, who enjoys and is particularly good at strategy, business development, youth engagement, team management, decision-making and power dynamic clarity and coaching. Diedra graduated from Dominican University of California with a BA in International Relations. She is a MBA 2013 Mills College graduate, Goldman Sachs Business Leadership Award recipient, Education Pioneers Summer Fellow and a recovering Program Director for a national non-profit organization.