The Center for Socially Responsible Business and
The Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy Net Impact Chapter

9th Annual CSRB Conference

Confronting the Equity Gap:
What’s Working and What’s Next?
March 10, 2017

On average, America’s top ten percent earns nearly nine time more than the ninety percent below them and the gap continues to grow. Economic inequity is only one of the inequities that our society is affected by. Mainstream news coverage, statistics revealed by research and our daily personal experiences markedly demonstrates the continued expansion of the Equity Gap. Whether based on race, ability, economic status, education and numerous other demographics, we face an uphill battle to feel safe, gain access and experience success in an imbalanced society.

This year, the Center for Socially Responsible Business’ 9th Annual Conference will focus on Confronting the Equity Gap: What's Working and What's Next? Through intersecting lenses such as education, youth employment, organizational recruitment and retention practices and workplace policies for inclusion, we will celebrate what is working today, in the Bay Area and nationally, and sound a call to action for what more we can do moving forward. The CSRB recognizes that the Equity Gap is a collection of differing, yet intersecting gaps. This year, the discussions held at the conference will go beyond defining the problem.

Our focus on "What is working?" will allow for a conversation where community members from philanthropy, government, non-profits, business and policy learn from each other and work toward solutions. Our speakers and workshops will focus on what actions have already been taken to confront disparities and highlight exemplary practices, policies, initiatives and programs.

Our call to action for "What's next?" will bring our discussion full circle, focusing on how to scale, iterate, or expand our impact. Whether in education, youth unemployment, career advancement, housing, and food security, many of these examples are emerging right here in the Bay Area. Speakers, panelists, and attendees at our conference will come prepared to share, to learn and to collaborate on what's working and what's next.

The CSRB Conference Team